Mobile grain dryer "Gulliver-12"

This mobile grain dryer is designed for drying all types of grain and grain products from different initial humidity.

Drying of grain is carried out in a mixed flow of air and hot flue gases.

Bringing grain to the condition required for long-term storage, produced in one cycle.

The mobile grain dryer is powered by an industrial power supply of 0.4 kVA and the location of the dryer on a stationary site.

The drives of the fan, filling and vertical augers are independent, each from its own electric motor.

The BALTUR burner is used as a heat carrier, all other components domestic production.

The cost

1. Capacity of the drying chamber, cubic meters 12

2. Capacity of the drying chamber, t 9

3. Diameter of the working cylinder, mm 2400

4. Height in transport position, mm 6140

5. Height in working position, mm 6140

6. Motor power:

  fan, kW 11

  download screw, kW 7.5

  vert. screw, kW 11

7. Power supply

  Type of current Three-phase, alternating

  Voltage, V 380

  Frequency, Hz 50

  Protection degree of electrical equipment IP54

  Weight (without grain), kg no more than 3200

  Total power, kW No more than 22

8. Performance:

  Corn (28-14%) up to cubic meters / day up to 90 * (45 **)

  Wheat (20-15%) up to cubic meters / day up to 152 * (65 **)

  Rape (14-9%) up to cubic meters / day up to 116 * (58 **)

9. Fuel consumption (28-14%), up to l / t up to 15

10. Time of loading / unloading, min. 21/21

11. Drying time from 20 to 15%, min. 60

12. Cooling time, min. thirty