Kneading machine MTM-140 "Stanko"

Kneading machine МТМ - 140 "Stanko is intended for batch kneading of dough used in the preparation of wheat, rye-wheat, rye breads and bakery products.

Package: bowl (material: stainless steel or carbon steel), hook

The cost
2 204 - 2 322 USD

1.Productivity technical, kg / h, not less: 550

2.Geometric capacity of the bowl, not less, l: 140

3.Installed power of the kneading body drive electric motor, kW: 1.5

4.Installed power of the electric motor

traverse lifting drive, kW: 0.55

5.Frequency of rotation of the kneading body, rpm. around its own axis: 52, around the axis of the bowl: 13

6. Overall dimensions, mm, no more:

  length: 1400

  height: 1050

  Width: 810

7.Mass without bowl, kg, no more: 310